2012-10-30 602

It is in the park that I saw Mary.==>I saw Mary in the park.
It is Mary that I talk to today.==>I talk to Mary today.
It was her frustration that discourages her feelings(n).=>Her frustration discourages her feelings.
Her frustration was so great=such that she often threw….
èSuch was her frustration that…
(D)So frustrated was she that…
(B)cause her to be blind…
Miraculously=By miracle=
With miracle,
If it were not for you,

If S had pp, S w/c/s/m(助動詞,後面的動詞要還原) have+pp

1.                                                             awake 醒著的
2.                                                             bribe
3.                                                             moisture 溼氣/滋潤
4.                                                             harvest(v/n) 收穫
5.                                                             rug(n) 小地毯小塊布
6.                                                             hastily 匆忙地
7.                                                             receipt 收據recipe食譜
8.                                                             mighty(a)強而有力的/
9.                                                             bold(a) 大膽的
10.                                                      timber(n) 木材
11.                                                      fold(v) 折疊
12.                                                      seal(v) 密封
13.                                                      suicide(n)自殺
14.                                                      postpone(v) 延後
15.                                                      sigh(v)嘆氣
16.                                                      interrupt(v)打斷打擾
17.                                                      regretful後悔的/遺憾的
18.                                                      swell(v)膨脹
19.                                                      enact a law執行/制定法令
20.                                                      farther (比較)遠的
21.                                                      under repair修理中
22.                                                      a striking 醒目的差別/很大的不同difference
23.                                                      squeeze(v) 擠壓
24.                                                      hesitate(v)猶豫
25.                                                      desirable(a)值得嚮往的,適合的

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