2012-09-26 502

1.                                                  contribute(v)貢獻有助於
2.                                                  striking(a)引人注目的突出的
3.                                                欽佩欣賞admire
4.                                                態度attitude
5.                                                inspire(v) 啟發/激勵
6.                                                完成實現accomplish
7.                                                critic(n)評論者/
8.                                                名人celebrity
9.                                                contract(n) 契約
10.                                          rhythm(n) 節奏
11.                                          爵士樂  jazz (music)
12.                                          ordinary 原本的平常的
13.                                          可用的手邊有的available
14.                                          instrument 樂器
15.                                          罐子jug\ jar
16.                                          保存preserve
17.                                          delightful 開心的
18.                                          devote(v) 奉獻/致力於
19.                                          washboard 洗衣板
20.                                          purpose 目的
21.                                           replace(v) 代替/更新
22.                                          vibrate(v) 震動
23.                                          雪茄 cigar
24.                                          scrape(v) /擦過
25.                                          fascinating (a) 迷人的
Mankind= humans
Without a doubt=Undoubtedly=
No doubt, 毫無疑問地,
Choose chose chosen (v)選擇
Combo no. 1
Zoo keeper 動物管理員
Spread spread spread (v)擴散
 Rely on=count on=depend on
1.                                took 2. spent 3. cost  4. spends
5. take  6.cost
Pp53.1.spend. èWe spent two hours a day doing the experiment last month.
2.                                costèIt cost us ten thousand dollars to buy the equipment設備.
3.                                spendèWe didn’t spend much time doing the experiment實驗
4.                                takeèIt took us almost two years to complete the experiment.
Pp54 2.He can find some roommates to live with.
3.Retirede(a退休的)old men often feel lonely because they have nothing to do all day long.
4.**upset (a)生氣的難過的
She may need some friends to talk to.
5.After the impact(n衝擊) of the meteor隕石,they had no food to live on維生.

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