2012-03-05 502

Disgusting (a)
I would starve to death rather than eat carrots.
Cauliflower 白花椰菜
Digest (v)消化
Also, =In addition,=
Moreover,=Furthermore,= Besides,  除此之外
Except N  N排除在外

48. Eating mushrooms is said to have many benefits.
èIt is said that eating mushrooms has many benefits.
èPeople say that …
49.They include lowering blood pressure and helping the body (to) fight cancer.
28.They can kill certain bacteria and viruses in our bodies, though.
29.It is believed that eating vegetables benefits our health.
Oxygen 氧氣

Mary tries to adapt herself to (+N )the new environment.
Avoid ving/N =避免
refrain from Ving
It turned out to be a party.
Racial discrimination 種族歧視
Discriminate (v) 歧視
I have the assumption that she’ll come. 猜想(n)
Assume (v)猜測.//
Feminine (a)女性的/陰性的
Smelly cat
Smelly dog
Stinky (a)惡臭的
BAN (V/N) 禁止

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