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asparagus Nutritionally balanced Folic acid

Bok choy kimchi Folic acid calcium Vitamin K

Mushrooms funny great Plant chemicals

Chili peppers Cook:to spice things up capsaicin

Eat their vegetables

I got over the jet lag.

Blood circulation血液循環

Gross 噁心的


Conditioner 潤髮乳

Airplane 飛機

Catwalk 伸展台 凱渥

Green house effect

Decelerate (v)減速

Deceleration (n) 減速

Decrease (v)減少

Delivery man 送貨員

Special delivery 快遞

Be delivered of 產下


Mary is delivered of a baby.

Delivery room 分娩室

Add (v)增加

Odd number 奇數

Even number 偶數

In spite of

Despite N/ving

In spite of the fact that he is treated for several weeks.

Despite the fact that he is…

We welcome that you visit us.

we welcome your visiting us.

English proficiency


Script (n)草稿

Transcript 成績單

Describe (v)描寫/描述

Description (n)描述

Manual~ (手的)

Do you have backup?備份

Refrigerator (n)冰箱

Heater 暖氣

Gymnasium 體育館


1. in,return,backing,up

2. do,without, spice, up

3. feel, free, to, running,risk,of

4. Generally, speaking, immune,to

Run a store經營店

Participate in=join=take part in參加

Competition 競賽

Etiquette 禮節


Go farting 去排氣

Wash my hand 上廁所

Powder my nose

Infect(v) 傳染

Infectious (a) 傳染

Infection(n) 傳染

Contagious (a)(接觸的)感染的

Influenza 流感

In time及時

Pp99. vomit=throw up嘔吐

2.clean 3.take 4.painted

5.finsihed 6.cry


2.want 3.have 4. made

5.become 6.washed

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