2012-02-09 507

Few 極少的+可數名詞

Hurry(v) up



原本句:He doesn’t walk into the office until 10:30.

Not until 10:30 does he walk into the office.

All over the world=around the world

Like to arrive/arriving

Punctually=on time

Barbarian 野蠻人

I am late.

I am a half hour late.我遲到半小時

I am two days late.

I am a year late.

Put/lay focus/emphasis on

Put/lay stress on

, especially=particularly

Happen=occur 發生

Are held precisely at scheduled time.

被舉辦 精準地

Could you give me a twenty-minute leeway?可以通融20分鐘嗎?

A safety belt.安全帶

Are you Don? 你是唐那嗎?

Are you done with sth?你完成了嗎

Sun, which shows up again and again.

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