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It is troublesome=annoying!

Produce (n)農產品

(v) 生產

Soldier (n)士兵

Few +可數名詞

A few=some

Be worth +N

Be worthy of+ N 值得N

This museum is worth your visiting.

This museum is worthy of your visiting.==>

Your visiting this museum is worthwhile. (adj)值得的


Despite the fact that +S+V

In spite of the fact that+S+V

Information that is provided

Provide (v) 提供

Family values

(A) Normal一般的正常的

(B) Mortal會死的

(C) Immortal (a)不朽的

(C) formal正式的

(D) moral 道德的

Moral values

Morality (n)道德

Impression (n)印象


The press (n)媒體

Employer 雇主

Employee 員工

Bossy (a) 喜歡指揮人的

It is a kind of patchwork.


U are brave.勇敢的

Psychology identity 身分認同

Is notorious for 惡名昭彰的

Desktop computer

Personal computer =PC 個人電腦

Payment 薪水

Isn’t worthy of his salt

Award 獎項 (n)

Assemble (v)集會/集合

Assembly (n)集會

Production line=assembly line生產線

Increase (v)增加 decrease (v)減少

Provide=offer 提供

Sit upright (adv)坐正

Commercial (n)商業廣告/電視廣告

Defend (v)防衛

Defended (a)

She is defended.自我防衛的

Defensive (a)

Take defensive action採取防衛的行動

Offense (n)冒犯


Colleague (n)同事

Partner (n)夥伴

Mary committed suicide.


Pesticide 殺蟲劑

Campaign (n)競選活動


Do you have time?=Are you available?

Do you have the time? =Do you know what time it is?

Disgusting (a) 噁心的

German (n)德語 (a)德國的

France (n)法國 French (n)法語

U r upright!

It’s no big deal!沒什麼大不了

It’s a big deal!很重要=It matters!

=It’s important!

It’s a deal!就這麼說定了!

Mary is good at dealing with things.

 is good at handling things.

is good at tackling things.

is good at coping with things.


1. endangered(a)絕跡的

2. candidate(n)候選人

3. extinct(a)絕跡的

4. insufficient(a)不足的

5. maintain (v)維持

6. ordinary (a)普通的

7. preserve(v)保存

8. principle(n)原則

9. democratic(a)民主的 10. orbit(n)軌道

11. canyon(n)峽谷

12. wrinkled(a)皺紋的

13. weird(a)奇怪的

14. accurate(a)精確的

15. entertaining(a)娛樂的

16. recognize(v)認可

17. fascinating(a)迷人的

18. migrate(v)遷移

19. approximately(adv)大約地

20. variety(n)各式各樣

21. chemistry(n)化學

22. vampire(n)吸血鬼

23. glow(v)發光

24. victim(n)受害者

25. controversial(a)有爭議的

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