601 2013-09-04

Principal (n) 高中以下的校長 President 大學校長 Devote oneself to N 致力於N Be good at 擅長 Excel at 精通 Electricity電 Electric電的 Electronics電子學 Electronic(a)電子的 Compose (v)作曲/寫作 Composition作文 Move (v)感動 Mandarin 中文 Proof (n)證據 酗酒的 Essay question申論題 Is considered (to be) Think of A as B Refers to A as B Look upon A as B Regard A as B View A as B See A as B Prose 散文 Fiction 虛構小說 Novel 小說 Philosopher 哲學家 Workable 可行的 比率rate Foucault 傅科 Are concerned about With 1.Rise rose risen上升 The sun rises in the east. 2.Arise arose arisen發生產生 The problem arose in the experiment. 3.Arouse aroused aroused 喚起 The activity aims to arouse students’ curiosity. 4.Raise raised raised 4-1)raise hand 舉手 4-2)raise money 籌錢 4-3)raise pets 養寵物 4-4)raise question提問 5.raisin 葡萄乾 Parking lot 停車場 parking space 停車位 Let’s draw lots.我們來抽籤 Helen Keller was born blind.

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