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Be conscious of
Be aware of  有意識的
Consciousness (n)意識
Conscience 良心
Conscientious 有良心的
Beware of(v+危險的事物) that fierce dog.
Teeth  tooth  breath (n)
Breathe (v)呼吸
Integrate (v)   整合
Opponent 敵人/對手
We don’t click!我們不對盤
Random (a) randomly隨機地
Random (n)隨機
Punctuation 標點符號
Let’s eat, Grandma!
Comma 逗點
Period 句點
Colon : 結腸/冒號
Semicolon  分號
Apostrophe 分號
I Love Lauras
Sense and Sensibility
理性       感性
Sensible (a)理性的
Sensitive (a) 感性的敏感的
1.                                      assume(v)假定
2.                                      consume(v)消耗消費
3.                                      resume (v)重新開始
4.                                      presume (v)猜想
I presume that he’s not coming.我猜想他不會來
The chief executive officer=CEO執行長.
President 總裁
總裁獅子心 嚴長壽
Merchandise 商品
Merchant 商人
Proof of purchase 購物憑證
Receipt (n)收據 to get
Refund (n)退錢
1.                                      Statue of liberty
2.                                      he is small in stature.
   他身型瘦小      高度
3.                                      the Singapore statute
      法令          體制
4.                                      social status社會地位
innocent (a)天真無邪的
innocence (n) 無辜
I can fly high(adv)!
I highly recommend Mary.
Knock knock!
Who is it?
It is Mary.
Mary what?
Mary Christmas~
Infectious (a)感染的
Contagious (a)傳染的
Fatal 致命的
Sphinx 人面獅身
The riddle
Oedipus the King
Oedipus complex 戀母情結
Electra complex 戀父情結
Fate 命運
The Rome and Greek Mythology 神話
Frued  佛洛伊德
Mouse  mice (複數)
Claim the lives 剝奪人命

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