2013-02-22 607

Are filled with
Are full of
Are loaded with
The stands that sell
, too.=as well.
, in which
, and in these little shops
, along which people…
, and along the boardwalks people of all ages.
I’d to make a reservation.我想預約
2.Serve (v)服務service(n)
3.Conserve the energy
Conserve the woodlands
4.preserve the natural resources.保存天然資源
5.you deserve it!你應得的
3.lies *coral reefs珊瑚礁   4.sit    5.Attached附加
*be attached to+N
6.Coming *cigarette香菸
1.火車來了Here comes the train
Here you are!
Here you go
 打盹  藥劑劑量dose
A small dose
Small doses
2.Not until Sandra got the phone call did she know what was going on.
3.Not only can you update your status on Facebook, but you can (also) keep track of what your friends are doing.
4.Not only did Mr. Johnson lose his money, but he was (also) nearly killed.
5.Only after Van Gogh’s death did people come to appreciate his paintings.
6.Seldom had Samuel seen such a splendid view in his life.
2.does Hengchun have
3.do such old structures survive
4. is a renowned local geological phenomenon
5.spewing(v噴出) from the ground are flames(n火焰)
*reservoir 蓄水池/水庫
*cape   Cape Cod鱈魚岬
*landscape (n)景色
6.did this old town regain
7.can people realize
The flames that are eternally最終地 fed by an ….
Feed fed fed (v) (支持供應)
Is famous for
Is eminent for
In spite of the fact that S+V
Despite the fact that S+V

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