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2.If it had not been for the typhoon, the Wang family would not have canceled their picnic.
3.If it had not been for the new medicine, Jim would have died of the flu. *influenza流感
*Owing to=Due to=Because of=
On account of=As a result of N/ving
4.If it had not been for her uncle’s financial support, Susan would not have gone to college in New York.
* colleague同事
5. If it had not been for the delay of the train, I would not have been late for my job interview.
6.If if had not been for your timely help, we would have starved to death.
Alligator  短吻鱷  crocodile長吻鱷
2.If it had been for your passion for exploring(
探險v) nature, we would not have easily witnessed(親眼目睹v) certain(一些的) rare(很少的) endangered(絕跡的) animals.
3.If it had not been for your humorous style of communication, we might have lost interest in TV shows about animals.
4.If it had not been for your daring(大膽的)actions, we would not have seen the friendliness(友善) of some fierce(兇猛的) animals.
5.If it had not been for your close contact with a stingray魟魚, you would not have died from being stung(sting (v.)) in the chest(胸腔)
6.If it had not been for your devotion奉獻 to wildlife conservation(野生動物保護區),we would not have understood the urgency(n.緊急) of protecting endangered species(n.物種è單複數同型)
*conserve (v) the energy保護保存
*preserve (v)保存 (n)蜜餞
*reserve (v)預定預約
*deserve (v)
21.Jack had no sooner gone to bed than the doorbell rang.
èNo sooner had Jack gone to bed than the doorbell rang.
22.The competition immediately heated up as the competitors began shouting at each other.
To my relief, S+V
Although you are handsome,
Handsome as you are,
Although you are pretty,
Pretty as you are,
2.Old and weak as Mr. White was,
3.Late as Andy stayed up(開夜車),
4.Hard as Ron studied,
5.Small as the room was,
6.Time-consuming(a.耗時的) as the project was,
1.get used to living  2.used to eat
3.is used to staying
4.used to stay, has been used to keeping
II. 1.sentiment  2.political  3.fully
4.supported  5.casualties
6.abolishing 7.eaulity 8.stated
9.perish 10.never
III. 1.Not only does  2.have been used to
測驗3   I.DBCCA 
II. 1.Rarely does he lose his temper.
2.The Gettysburg Address is a famous speech in which Lincoln expressed his strong belief in democracy.
III. 1.whose dedication to preserving the unity of the United States will never be forgotten
2.He also played the role of an ordinary father.
3.He once wrote a letter to his son in the hope of shaping him into a man of decency.
4.The letter reveals not only a father’s great expectations for his child but also Lincoln’s powerful rhetoric.
47.If it had not been for the car accident, she would not have become blind.
48.Now she is sad that never again can she see the world that she has been used to.

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