2012-12.12 501

It is so small that it can be hard to spot. 如此以致於
This bird is too small to be spotted.
A diligent 勤勉的student
è so diligently work These ants that ….
Picture that is taken with him

You are so beautifulè
So beautiful are you
Mary runs so fastè
So fast does Mary run
1.                            So cute is Little Bean that
2.                            So destructive(毀滅性的)was Hurricane Katrina that
3.                            So fast does Lisa speak that
4.                            So poorly did the magician(魔術師)perform that
5.                            So successful(成功的) was Avatar(阿凡達) that
Succeed (v)成功success(n)
College 大學
2.So thoughtful is Emma that she can understand every customer’s needs(n需求).
1)custom習俗 2)customer顧客
3.So hard does Emma work that she is exhausted at(..筋疲力竭的) the end(n) of every(a) day.
è everyday (a每天的) use
4.So beautifully does Emma design(v)設計 her customer’s hair that they all trust her.
5.So talented(有天份的) is Emma that no wonder she can be “Best Hairdresser of the Year.”
Monkey-like smile
Cat-like smile
Although they are tiny
(As) tiny as hummers are,
(As) tall as you are,
èalthough you are tall,
(As) beautiful as Mary is,
Although Mary is beautiful,

Although the hare ran fast,
Although the birds fly high,
è(As) high as the birds fly,
è(As) friendly as the wolf may look,
Mary’s abilities set her apart from all the other students.
Normal (a) 正常的
A car that goes 55-60 …

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