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L7 P. 172
1.               strike / struck / stricken
A typhoon hit / struck Taiwan last night.(襲擊)
Go on a strike (罷工)
A strange disease struck John deaf.
(John was stricken deaf.)
2. 盲的==blind
The blind 盲人  the deaf 聾人
殘障的 disabled=handicapped
3. =be thankful to sb. for sth
I gave John a gift to show my appreciation.
4. be impressive with / by 印象深刻
5. <-> 總公司HQ = headquarters 
1. around  2. reported + Ving 報告 3. parallel to  4. bounce
5. With  6. along with  7. lasts
8. theories   9. on  10. way  11.As   12. Whatever
1. Such was
Shake hands握手
[ S  ]ran
Sneeze (v)打噴涕
打的人:excuse me!
旁人:bless you!
打完:thank you
How are you!?
Good! Thank you!
How are you?
How about you?
~ness (n)
I am nervous(a)!
Begin began begun
Began speaking
Began to speak
副詞子句, 主要子句
Stand stood stood
Fear (n)害怕
Robber 搶匪
1.                                       刪去連接詞
2.                                       刪去相同主詞
3.                                        動詞è有行為能力èving
Sing sang sung(pp)
After the old lady recognized the robber’s voice, ….
Luxurious 奢華的
Buy bought bought
Buy me a car. 買車給我
Buy me a cat.
Buy me a dog
Buy me shoes
Buy me a coke
Carpet (n)地毯
Enjoy (v)享受+ving
Sponge Bob海綿寶包
S, X, ch, Sh, O + es
Lie lay lain (v) lying
When Rachel lay down on the spongy grass, Rachel….
Lie lied  lied 說謊
Lay laid laid (v) 下蛋è放置
Refusal (n)拒絕
Illustrator (n)插畫家
Do you pick your nose?

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