2012-11-08 602

2. No sooner had the teacher entered the classroom than the students said hello.
3.No sooner had Mary quit her old job than she found a new one.
4.No sooner had the bus pulled over(停車) at the bus stop than we got off(下車).
5.No sooner had the boy seen his mother than he stopped crying.
6.No sooner had Karen received her red envelope on Chinese New Year’s Eve(大年夜)than she thought about how to spend her money.
2.No sooner had I entered the house than my brother started to sneeze
3.no sooner had I pulled out a tissue than our dog went crazy.
4.No sooner had our cat heard the noise than he began to run all over the house.
, and he bumped into ….
5.No sooner had I seen the frowns(皺眉) on their faces than I realized I was in big trouble.
U have a neat handwriting.
       整齊的  字跡\
Thesis statement 主旨
Topic sentence 主題句
Prestigious (a)
As a matter of fact,
Which was
That was mixed
As well we=along with 以及
Are you use to it?
S be          used to
  Become    accustomed to N
Bring about=cause=lead to

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