2012-10-11 602

70.In time of vulnerability,
=When in vulnerability,
=When you are vulnerable,
family’s company
the company of the family
is always the best comfort.
71.With the rising temperature of sea water,
With the temperature of sea water that rises=rising,
the weather becomes weirder, which forms more and more typhoons.
and more and more typhoons
are formed/ shaped
=appear=come into shape.
72.The size of the hailstone is so great=such that the wind cannot/can’t blow it upward any more.
èSuch is the size of the hailstone that ….
73.Aside/Apart from studying hard to obtain knowledge, students should also cultivate/develop the ability
of thinking independently.
of independent thinking.
To think independently.
1.                                                                 utterly 完全地
2.                                                                 linger(v)徘迴
3.                                                                 on behalf of代表
4.                                                                 precaution 預防措施
5.                                                                 commodity 商品
6.                                                                 indifference 冷漠
7.                                                                 verbally 口頭地
8.                                                                 contempt(n) 輕蔑
9.                                                                 fatigue 疲憊
10.                                                            intuition 直覺
11.                                                            infinite(a) 無限的
12.                                                            procession 行列
13.                                                            pier 碼頭
14.                                                            temptation 誘惑
15.                                                            straightforward 直接的
16.                                                            shove(v) 推擠
17.                                                            availability 可使用性
18.                                                            pessimist 悲觀者
19.                                                         solely 單一/獨地
20.                                                         take a stroll散步
21.                                                         peasant 農夫
22.                                                         cellar地窖
23.                                                         conceal隱藏
24.                                                         rugged 崎嶇不平的
25.                                                         pledge 發誓
Despite being deaf in one…
In spite of being deaf
The workers went on strike yesterday.   罷工
Is grateful for
I’d like to=I would like to
我想要  combo no. 1
Your performance is impressing.
I am impressed by your performance.
When it saw people…, S+V
Hide hid hid
Began to speak
Began speaking
Stood and quivered with fear
Stood, quivering with fear.
My right eyelid眼瞼/ keeps quivering today.

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