2012-10-05 607

1.                                   approximately 大約地
2.                                   shrank 縮水
3.                                   perceive 意識/覺察
4.                                   be stunned 驚嚇的/絕美的
5.                                   abandon 放棄丟棄
6.                                   Every cloud has a silver lining 有曙光有希望
7.                                   It’s a blessing in disguise 因禍得福
8.                                   metropolitan 大都會的
9.                                   on the contrary相反的
10.                           apparently明顯的
11.                           in case s+v 萬一
12.                           perseverance 毅力
13.                           chewing gum 口香糖
14.                           Alaska阿拉斯加
15.                           inhospitable不舒適的不好客的 冷淡的
16.                           deliver 傳送傳遞
17.                                    currently,目前地
18.                                    instrument 儀器/樂器
19.                                    fund 基金/給基金
20.                                    creature 尤物/生物
21.                                    laundries 洗衣服
22.                                    permanent 永恆的
23.                                    revered(a) 尊敬的崇高的
24.                                    alternate 改變/代替
25.                                    horizontal 水平的

L3 測驗3
1.                                                            He earns twice as much money as his brother.
2.                                                            Her house is three times the size of mine.
1.                                                           Many women wear high heels in the name of beauty.
2.                                                           But just because high heels are beautiful doesn’t mean they are suitable for walking.
3.                                                           High heels are often accused of causing
4.                                                           not even pain can discourage them from trying to become more beautiful.
L3 測驗2  I 1-5 CDDAB  6-10 BDBAC
II. 1.at the price of  2.procedure
3.wrapped  4. tightened  5. making 
6.hazardous  7.infection  8.absurd
9.in the name of  10.arch
III. 1.twice, as  2.Just, because, mean

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