2012-09-27 602

Domestic & international flight
Ascend (v)上升
Descend (v)下降
Shake shook shaken
Shake shook shook
All of a sudden=suddenly
Hit hit hit
I saw the thief steal things in my house.
I saw the thief stealing things in my house.
Seemed (to be) undamaged
èWith the ascent(n) of the plane, it shook violently.
5.With the coming of the fire ball, I could not see anything but bright blue for an instant.
The holiday season
However, =Nevertheless,
Nonetheless, =Still,=
Yet (後面不加逗點)
Desperately 拼命地
The people who are most likely to be found…..
Accumulate (v) 累積
Help sb (to) VR
Document (n)文件
That look to
No matter what their motives are,
Meanwhile,=At the same time,
Probe (n/v)探測
The former (n) 前者
The latter (n)後者
Confront (v) 面對/對質

I am going to faint
The cat faints on the piano.

46.been, around  47.to, name,
48.gets, in
49.Stars came/come out with the coming of (the) night.
èWith the coming of night, stars come out.
50.Such was the beauty of the night sky that I couldn’t stop looking up.
èThe beauty of the night sky was so great/such that I couldn’t …
39.Such was the popularity of the play that the theater was full every night.==>
èThe popularity of the play was such that…
40.The wound will heal with the passing of (the) time.
With the passing of (the) time, the wound will heal.

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