2012-08-10 501

Chapter 1
1.                                Give at least three features that modern witches have?
2.                                Give an example that the witch was caught.
3.                                What is the gender of the witch?
4.                                What do the witches always do?
Chapter 2
1.                                Has the speaker ever seen the witches?
2.                                How many examples does the grandmother give?  Please list them with the point.

11.Water and air are referred to as essential elements to the life of human beings.
12.The opening ceremony of the Kaohsiung World Games was regarded as very successful.
13.Robert Deniro is thought of as an actor who can play criminals very well.
14.Bill Gates is seen as one of the most influential businessmen of our time.
15.What the son did is being/was/will be looked upon as a disgrace to his family.

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