a semester-diary

I know it's such a cliche that "time flies" is always the beginning term of the lines.  But I have to say that I was crazy busy handling daily routines and things.   I even couldn't update the class lecture notes regularly after each class until one of the students asked me how come I didn't update data in this website.  So I did some updating work around the end of the semester, before the falling of the big screen in my homeroom classroom.  

Feeling grateful, I have to say the past year I spent countless time replying/marking students' "should-be-weekly-diaries."   Since there are about 40 students in my homeroom class, it always took me about at least 3 weeks to read through all, which has turned to be the, "monthly-diaries."   Aside from the fact that it took time replying students' diaries, I have to admit that I enjoy reading them a lot especially most of which turned out to be letters between the teacher and the student.  I always consider writing a kind of important ritual for people to drop down the most impressive things in their lives.  I, thus, feel grateful that they would love to share their feelings and ideas with me. (I was too shy to do that well when I was young.)

How lucky I am to join students' monthly world the past year, some of whom kept complaining why they should do this meaningless task, though.  I gave their diary books back  on the last day of the semester.  One of the reasons is that I don't want to see any of them thrown into the recycling bin right away ('cuz students were not allowed to throw anything away after the cleaning up time.)  Without mentioning any words, (but I noticed some of the students are reading my feedback:D secretly) I just have the hope in my mind that  they could keep the special memories of their own for the past year with them in any way. (Even they decided to throw them away.  Anyways, it's their own memories, and I was just the passer-by.)  In view of this, I guess I should also write down some kind of life notes as the memories of these  beautiful days.  

By the way, it took me "years" to put on OUR PIC onto the blog.  Hopefully you don't mind your own pictures shown publicly.   So, dear babies, if anyone of you reading this semester-diary, if you don't want your personal image put on the blog, please DO let me know.  I'd try to deal with it.  Last but not least, "PLAY HARD & STUDY HARD." HAVE A WONDERFUL SUMMER VACATION!  :)))

Laura :)

Remember the sweet clip of the Evancho siblings that we watch together in class?

You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are gray
You'll never know dear
How much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away

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