2012-03-19 502

1.I bring an umbrella with me whatever the weather is like.

2.We are saving money so as to buy a house of our own.

1.Every part of this earth is sacred to us.

2The rivers are our brothers that quench our thirst.

3.The water’s murmur/The murmur of the water is the voice of our ancestors/forefather/ascendants.

4.Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth.

Lie lied lied 說謊

Lie lay lain躺

Lay laid laid下蛋放置

Waited the bus coming

The bus that came.

I saw the thief run out of my house.

I saw the thief running out of my house.

Dare 可當助動詞/一般動詞

I don’t dare open the door.

I cannot open the door.

I dare not open the door.

How dare you!?!

Walking in the dark, Mary’s head hit the ceiling.天花板

Mary’s head walked in the dark, and her head…

Mary walking in the dark, her head hit the ceiling.


If the weather permits, I will go out.

Weather permitting, I will go out.

If it is fine tomorrow, I’ll go out.

It being fine tomorrow, I’ll go out.

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