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Serve (v)服務

Service (n)服務

Server (n)伺服器


(西文) (法文) (日文)

感恩 (Vietnamese )

1.We should preserve natural resources.


2.we should conserve our energy to be attentive in the class.

Vanity 虛榮 shopping 購物

2-1)we should switch off the light to conserve the batteries.省電池的電

3. observe (v)觀察/給評論

The experts observed that Mary has room of improvement進步的空間.

Observation (n)觀察/評論

4. You deserve it!你應得的!你活該! Congrats! (v) Congratulations!(n)

***dessert (n)甜點desert (n)沙漠

the handicapped (a)

=handicapped people 殘障人士

 people who have physical challenge.身障

people who have psychological challenge 心障

***psyche cupid/Venus維納斯


Psychology 心理學

Psychologist 心理學家

Psychological (a)心理的

Annual (a)每年的

The forest reserve 森林保育區

The wildlife reserve 野生動物保護區

Resort (n) 度假勝地

Politically correct 政治正確

Reservoir (n)水庫/蓄水池

I’d like to make a reservation.


I saw a ghostly figure.看到鬼影


Blow (v)吹/擺動

Sway (v)搖擺

Whisper (v)講話小聲

Hunger (n)餓

Starvation (n)飢餓

I need water to quench my thirst.


for knowledge.

熱忱的 enthusiastic (a)

Enthusiasm 熱忱

Savage garden 也蠻花園

Aboriginal (y原住民的)

Aborigine (n)原住民

1. 當時,我並未察覺到有人進入你的房間。

2. 那是一個美好的夏日,一些雲飄過蔚藍的天空。

3. 看到她哭的那麼傷心,我就陪她等媽媽回來。

4. 昨天我再公車上碰到一位臂彎裡抱著小孩的婦人。

5. 我從未聽過別人說她壞話。

Minus 5 points for 1 mistake.

Gain 20 points for each.

Chinese native speaker 原本講華語的人

Settle (v)定居 我大叫!

Upon/ On seeing Mary, I cried out!

As soon as I saw Mary, I cried out!

I had no sooner seen Mary than I cried out!

I had hardly seen Mary when I cried out!

I had scarcely seen Mary before I cried out!

Hardly had I seen Mary when I…

Scarcely had I seen Mary before I…

The moment I saw Mary, I cried…

The minute I saw Mary, I…

Commit (v)執行

Mary committed suicide.瑪莉自殺了

Aborigine 原住民

Think of A as B 視A為B

Refer to A as B

Look upon A as B

Regard A as B

See/view A as B

Consider A (to be) B


Are you used to the second year of high school?

Are you used to it?你習慣了嗎?

Savagely (adv) 野蠻地


Spare the rod, spoil the child.

節省 棒子 寵壞/使壞掉

You pest! 你這個害蟲

Pesticide (n) 殺蟲劑

We should stop the rot in politics.

腐敗 政治

Your friend in the window pane.


Disconnect *(v)不連接/切斷

The colon cancer大腸

The intestine cancer小腸

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