603 2011-09-09

The tusk tower
Aborigine 原住民
Life span
Expectant mother孕婦
The king bestowed upon the man the title of the most handsome guy.
The engineer bestowed much time upon his project.花很多時間
Multiple intelligence 多元智能
AI=artificial intelligence 人工智慧
上訴/吸引/呼籲 appeal to
sort=kind 種類
sort of tired sorta 一點兒
kind of tired kindda
meekness 溫
mourn for sb 為sb 哀悼
mourn sth 因為sth 感到悲傷
mourner 哀悼者
mourning 哀悼
eg. They were in mourning after their grandfather’s death. 戴孝
eg.We’ll have 3 minutes in mourning for Mary. 我們為馬利默哀3分鐘

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