503 2011-06-07

The cheap souvenir that Paul gave me was definitely/certainly second-rate.

At the top of her lungs/voice
Decline (v)婉拒/式微
Turn down=reject=refuse (v)
Come upon=come across=run into=
Run across=bump into=encounter
Widow 寡婦
由於 因為due to=owing to=because of
=as a result of=on account of
Impaired (a)有損傷的
Going to the lady’s
The little girl’s room
The little boy’s room
Restroom / bathroom
Going to the loo. (British )
Lavatory (n)飛機上的廁所
Patty (n) 派蒂
patty(n)小餡餅 =dung 馬糞
cow patty 牛糞
excrement 排泄物
eg.It smells dung.聞來有屎味
Eg.He goes around collecting dung.
Autism (n)自閉
Sight (n)視力/視線
Vision (n)視野
, and I may not have been previously aware of the condition.
, and I may not have been previously aware of it.
, which I may not have been previously aware of.
, of which I may …..
Either A or B VR (與 B主詞相同)
Neither A nor B
Not only A but also B

A as well as B VR
A together with B (與A主詞一致)
A along with B
S either VR or VR
Neither VR nor VR
excel(v)專精/擅長 (n)
P2371.Either Linda or her brothers
2.neither mopped the floor (拖地)nor did the dishes (洗盤子)
3.either stupid or risky (冒險的)
4.neither in private(a私人的) nor in public
5.either because they are not intelligent(a聰明的) or because they are not diligent(a勤奮的).
1. either the modern dance club or the English club
2. neither because she thought English was important nor because she didn’t like dancing.
3. to either join English club activities or go to English classes in English-learning institutions(機構)
4. neither for English-learning opportunities nor for the English classes she is interested in
5. neither expensive nor inconvenient(不方便的)
either A or B 不是 A ..就是 B
neither A nor B 不是A 也不是B
pp239 as為從屬連接詞
1. 當….的時候
Eg. The little boy trembled as he cried.
2. 像 羅馬人
Eg. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
3. 因為 不用上學
Eg. As there was no school yesterday, we went to the ocean park.
4. 隨著
Eg.We grow old as time passes by.
5. 雖然….
Eg.Tall as Ben is, he is not good at playing basketball.
è Although Ben is tall 雖然Ben很高
2 Erics’ mother screamed as Eric jumped from the second floor for fun.
As Eric jumped from the second floor for fun, his mother screamed.
3.It is not safe to walk in the woods as it is already dark. (because)
4.Just arrange the seats as(如同) what the secretary told you.
5.The basketball game was not as exciting as (如同)I had thought.

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