407 2011-06-08

, and he waited
Hang/ hung/hung懸掛
Hang/hanged/hanged 吊死
Fool aroundèsexual activities
What happened to you?
What on earth happened to you?
Structure (n)構造
Construct (v)建構
Architect (n)建築師
Go to bed睡覺
I feel sleepy 想睡的
Burn down燒毀
Burn one’s money耗盡錢財
Saliva 口水
Put on the outfits 穿上外衣
Put on lipstick 擦口紅
Wear the glasses 戴眼鏡
Wear a ring 戴戒指
At the top of one’s voice
Guava 芭樂
Liver (n) 肝臟
Kidney 腎臟
The large intestine 大腸
Bdeac 指示
S V As much (N) as possible
盡可能 He could
2.that my father plans to do is (to)
go on a cruise this summer vacation.
3.he tried to do is (to) save as much time as possible.
4.Mary’s parents asked her to do was (to ) finish her homework on time.
5.you should do is (to) make friends with you neighbors.
6.my brother has to do is (to) put away all his toys before going to bed.
Generous (a)慷慨的
長長的記憶 不如短短的一支筆
When it comes to N/ving
Speaking of N/ving 當一談到….
Succeed (v)成功
Successful (a)成功的
The solution to the problem
Indecisive (a)猶豫的/下不了決心的
Depend (v)依賴
Dependent (a)依賴的This is a fault!!
Independent (a) 獨立的 Luck (n)運氣 good luck !祝你n好運
Lucky 好運的.來福
Science Fiction科幻小說
Scientific (a)科學的
Scientist (n)科學家
Surf 衝浪 (v)
Although =though
Raise money
Go mountain climbing
Go shopping
As a matter of fact=actually
Nope! Throw 甘藍菜
Celebration 慶祝
We are similar to each other.
All of a sudden =suddenly
The authorities concerned should
複數N 有關當局
Take measures 採取措施
Deal with=cope with=handle=

1.Actions speak louder than words.
2. go into action 採取緊急行動
Spring (n) 春天/溫泉 (v) 跳躍
Self introduction自我介紹
Je suis Mary.
A letter of introduction介紹信
It’s not fair 不公平
Career fair
He was not treated fairly.
He had not been treated
Unfair (a)不公平的
No comment不予置評
The minister of Education教育部長
The ministry of Education教育部
Vote on N 投票表決
Whether or not to VR 是否去做某事
Join=participate in=take part in
Proposal 提案/求婚

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