503 2011-05-31

1. dilemma
2. significance
3. perceive
4. mechanisms
5. interpretations
6. unrelated
7. published
8. paragraph
9. frequently
10. treat
11. alterations
12. disguise
13. disturbing
14. transformation
15. overseas
16-20 CCABD
21-25 EDFGC
26-30 DABCA
31-35 DAABD
36-40 CBDAE
41-45 DDDBC
46. No sooner had I seen these toys than I recalled/recollected/remembered those happy time(s) in my childhood.
I had no sooner seen these ……
47.My father promised/promises to let me study abroad/overseas in the future only if/as long as I kept/keep improving my academic performance.
My father agree with the fact that/the idea of letting me ….
48.What psychiatrists do is more than psychological analysis. /;/, and Some of them can even interpret/explain the meanings of the dreams/ what dreams mean.
49.Although some dreams seem/appear / to be ridiculous,
are seemingly ridiculous,
they often reflect the problems (that) we are facing in real life/ the reality.
We face in real life/ the reality.
We suffer from in ……
S not only V but also V
S V not only N but also N
As far as I am concerned, S+V
How it is 目前如何
How it goes 目前進度如何
Macho man= a real man 有肩膀的男人
Bring about=lead to=result in =cause
Magnify tour guide 導遊
Attach (v) 附加
Attachment (n)附加檔案
Slip 長條狀
Form 表格
Combo no 1.套餐
Detach A from B 分離A and B
Separate A from B

Reluctantly=unwillingly=with reluctance 不情願地
Mary accepts the new project with
Inform 人 of 事
Principle (n)原理原則
**Not many citizens are fully informed of the details of the toxic materials.
** under…condition 在…狀況下
**conditional (a)有條件的
** on no condition=on no account=by no means=never
決不Eg.I would by no means
on no condition
open the door.
**on condition of O 在..條件下
that S+V
eg.I will tell you the secret on condition that Mary apologizes to me.
Owing to=on account of =due to
Thanks to 幸虧
Deal (n)交易
S respond to N 對..做出反應
S respond that S+V
** in response to +N
The manager did nothing in response to the customers’ complaints.
** earn a living 討生活=make money
1. a bachelor’s degree 大學學位
2.a master’s degree 碩士
3.a Ph. D. degree 博士
Hospitality (n)
They welcome us with hospitality.

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