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2.No sooner had Mandy left the classroom than Mike came in looking for her.
3.No sooner had Brian hung up his wet shirt to dry than it started to rain.
Hang/hung/hung 懸掛
4.No sooner had the train left than Peter got to (到達)the station.
5.No sooner had Mary passed a note to John than she was caught by the teacher.
Pp171 I baby-sit these kids.
1. No sooner had the babysitter left the room than the little boy got out of bed to play with his toys.
2. No sooner had the mother heard the bad news that her son had been seriously hurt in a car accident than she fainted (v. faint昏倒).
3. No sooner had Lindsay prayed for the rain to stop than it stopped raining.
4. No sooner had Sharon heard that she had failed the test (測驗不通過) than she burst out crying.
Burst into tears忽然哭出來
Burst out laughing噗嗤一笑
Burst into laughter 噗嗤一笑/
Burst into flames 忽燃燒起來 他有忍俊不敬的幽默
5. No sooner had the student realized that he that he had made a big mistake than he went to apologize to the teacher.
一 …(先做è過完式)就..(過去式)
S had hardly …pp. + before S v-ed
Scarcely… +when…S v-ed
Mandy had hardly left the classroom before/when Mike came in looking for her.
Hardly +when +S+ved
Scarcely had S pp…+before S+ved
Hardly had Mandy left the classroom when Mike came in looking for her.
Pp171 4.
The moment Sharon 過去式+ S+ved
The instant Sharon
The minute Sharon
An amount of money
2.This land can be sold for a large amount of money only if a new park is built near(介) it.
3.World peace can be achieved only if all countries agree to stop developing destructive (毀滅性的)weapons武器.
4.The traffic flow (流量) can become much smoother(順的) only if the number of [數字] vehicles(車輛) is greatly reduced.
***The number of the students of class 503 is 36.
***a number of è一些…
6. Most students are likely to (有可能) get good grades only if they study hard.
Tuition (fees) 學費
Fees 雜費 (費用)
2.Only if Jeff studies hard will he reach the goal.
3.Only if Mandy’s boyfriend apologizes (道歉) to her will she go out with him.
4.Only if Mike has a girlfriend will he feel happy.
5.Only if Nancy saves enough money will she buy a new cell phone/cellphone/mobilephone.
Pp230 L11
Remain (v)仍然[連綴動詞]+adj
Observatory (n)天文台
Astronomy (n)天文學
Astrology (n) 占星學
Astronaut (n)太空人
Asteroid (n)小行星
Turn down=refuse=reject 拒絕
Keep 人 under observation
Paris Je mabelle 名字
Je suis
Bonjour 你好 bonsoir晚上好
Bon nuit 晚安 merci 謝謝
Aur voir =saiyonala
Conversation (n)對話
Convert (v)轉換
*at the top of one’s lungs/voice
The drunken 喝醉的 man shouted at the top of his lungs/voice.
Agent (n)經紀人 /仲介
Star scout[童子軍] 星探
*ticket agent 票務人員
*insurance agent 保險顧問
How can I
Assistant (n)助理 (a)協助的
Deal with=cope with=handle=tackle(v) 處理
Dairy (n)乳製品
Daily (a) 每日的
Diary (n)日記
***help sb with sth
Assist sb with sth 幫助某人某事
***come to one’s assistance幫助某人
Eg.The clerk came to the old lady’s assistance immediately.
Vary (v) 改變
Varied (a)改變的invariable (a)不變的
various (a)各式各樣的
variety (n)多樣性
eg. Variety is spice (n調味品) of life.
Inevitably (adv) 無可避免地
Inevitable (a)無可避免的
Creature (n)生物/尤物
Dread to go to
Going to
I dread to think about it.我不敢想這件事
Dread (n)害怕/恐懼
Poor children in Africa live in dread of hunger.
Gypsy 吉普塞人

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