Teaching, the job, is so amazing, which I have never thought of.

After three years of teaching, I start to appreciate what I had ever experienced when I was at the similar age as my students have for now. I had gangs of classmates who had no sense of being polite and grateful. They complained about things all the time; never appreciated things and people around them. They were selfish, eagering to find something benefit for themselves instead of doing any contribution to others. They call others names especially the teachers names who care about them all the time though those "others" would never know about it.

I am lucky that I realize all these things since I was young. There are always tons of people who have no ability to be grateful to people and the world. I feel sorry for them since they have no chance to experience the beauty of this world unless they learnto appreciate others’ care and kindness, unless they try hard to revise their values and life philosophies.

I am lucky that I am able to differenciate good people and bad ones though I don’t really want to say that this world seems to be separated into two. But it is the truth. As the age grows, it is easilyto classify people into two groups by their deedsand attitudes. Here, I am saying about the teenagers.

People say that it is not fair to classify students (teenagers) into different catogories that early since they are still young, since time changes people. I can tell you firmly, however, that they won’t change at all once they become a senior high studentunless they come into a certain life "disaster" which reminds them to ponder things carefully and to be grateful to others.

You can say that I am a lazy person who is lazy tohave the positive attitude and move to give a hand to those who obviously need our reminders. Usually, I would remind them for three times, and thenI would give up, which does not mean not to give them any chance to learn or not to give them a hand at all. I would wait till they ask for help.

The reason why I do this is because I know that those students would never appreciate my kindness while I am doing something for them. Instead, they think of me as some kind of bad guy not allowing them to have fun or to do something they like. I said that I have a clear mind to be aware of it since I was young.

I am lucky that I am able to appreicate people’s kindness since I was young. I am luck that nice people have always been around me to help me a lot to grow. I appreciate what nice models of my teachers. My teachers gave feedback to students who are grateful for what they had done for them, and neglect those who are rude and never appreciate. I mean to neglect those rudeness at once.

I don't think it is a good thing to ask teachers to devote themselves to students without limitation. Teachers should give a line of limitation of devotion since sometimes things would never turn well with their endless devotion. With the line of limitation, both sides benefit. Teachers can have time to take a break and to have more time to take care of those students who appreciate what they done for them. Those who have no idea to be grateful for the teahchers care, on the other hand, can have time to relax, living without the ”scolding” words from their teachers. What a peaceful world it is, isn’t it.

It is a good thing for me to realize about all thesethings with the start of my teaching career. I am not a person with ambition to make every student of mine to be the saint, but one who learns to understand my care and devotion every year, or one in my whole life is enough.

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