My old English diary.

Last night, I accidentally found my old English diary when I was a sophomore. It was the assignment of my English composition class. The teacher just came back from England or some where I don't remember. What I remember is that she assigned us tons of writing reports and papers to do, and asked us to keep the English diary for one semester! At that time, it was a torture for me since I needed to write down something everyday despite nothing had happened. So, I wrote trivals heppened everyday.

It was so interesting when I read something that I've already forgot. I am so surprised with my change throughout the passing of time. Hopefully, it's a positively change. Well, anyways, as I wrote on the last day of my diary, keeping English everyday needs perseverance. It was a heavy load for me cause you can see that I stayed up so late for many times for only having my reports done. However, I have to admit that my English writing skill improved so much after keeping the diary for one semester.

So I guess I should do it as I used to do. At least I can force myself to study English HARDER everyday though I'm really worn out EVERYDAY!
Cheers! People!

By the way, I have an old website that I made three years ago. http://lauralin711.tripod.com/ I got my self-introduction inside. you might want to check it out. Also, I put some songs that I sang long long time ago. If you need to find something amusing, just check it out. Have a good time!


Unknown said...

oh my god!
i 看到灰煞煞!!

Laura's said...

Dear 鎮羽,

I am so glad to see your visiting this website! Wish things go well with you everyday!! Cheers! :)